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Our pest exterminators are committed to your complete satisfaction with each visit we make to your home or business. Living, working and raising our families right here in Southwest Florida we know first-hand that our subtropical climate provides bugs, spiders, mosquitoes, rodents, and all sorts of insects perfect hiding spots to live, breed, and thrive in our homes, lawns, and landscapes.
Whether you take advantage of our regular pest extermination service plans or you only need us occasionally, and regardless of the size or type of infestation you’re dealing with today, Coastal Lawn & Pest is a reliable Southwest Florida pest exterminator you can grow to count on for:

  • Household Pest Control
  • Lawn Insect & Weed Control
  • Lawn & Ornamental Care
  • Palm & Tree Care
  • Rodent Control
  • Mosquito Misting Control
  • No-See-Ums Control

Does Ridding Your Property of Pests Seem Like A Losing Fight?

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After a FREE inspection, we’ll customize an environmentally friendly and affordable pest extermination plan that targets the pests in your home or business.

Selecting pest exterminators in an important decision. Your counting on us to rid your home of unwanted pests and to keep your lawns and landscapes healthy. You want to know your dealing with a quality company with highly trained, responsible, and consistent service professionals.
Coastal Lawn & Pest is a fully licensed and insured State of Florida pest control company. We go to great lengths to train our pest exterminators to the highest level possible. When it comes to combating pests, the best defense is often a good offense. We are always attending ongoing educational training to provide our customers with the best attack against the fight of pests.

Effective Pest Exterminators for Our Changing Seasons

With every Southwest Florida season pest activity changes. So, we change our offense to address each season and keep your property protected all year-long. The Coastal Lawn & Pest team has been providing pest extermination services in Southwest Florida since 2008.

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We have extensive pest extermination experience and offer multiple pest control plans and options to meet your needs and your budget. Our mission at Coastal Lawn & Pest is to be “Leaders in our industry by providing quality products and exceptional service at competitive rates through Southwest Florida.” For the fastest response to your pest control needs call Coastal Lawn & Pest today!

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Every year, we all discover that we share our home with pests. Noticing pellets or droppings are indicators that roaches, mice or other kinds of pest are moving in. If you are seeing potential signs of pests in your home, we encourage not to wait. Call Coastal Lawn & Pest today for a free on-site evaluation and estimate.

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Maintaining a luscious green lawn and beautiful landscape can be a challenge for Southwest Florida homeowners. Between the heat and humidity, our dry season followed by the constant rain your lawn and landscape may not be looking its best lately. That is where the pros at Coastal Lawn & pest can help. “Let Us Get You Growing Green!”

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As a locally owned and operated lawn care company providing environmentally responsible, weed control, fertilization, and integrated pest management services we treat your lawn as if were our own. Weed control is not a one size or one treatment treat all process. We specialize in hard to control weeds.

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Many lawn insects can devastate lawns and landscaping. These unwanted pests are often confused for other insects and can turn lawns brown, cause grass patches and kill your grass. Our environmentally friendly lawn pest control solutions eliminate pests, save your lawn and your investment. “Let Us Get You Growing Green!”

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Are you trying to find a balance between enjoying everything living in Southwest Florida offers without being bitten by mosquitoes? We searched out the very best in natural backyard mosquito control systems and selected MistAway systems. Our 24/7 fully automated systems are a perfect fit for homes or businesses.

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Irrigation systems play an essential role in maintaining any lawn and landscape in Southwest Florida. Local watering restrictions, seasonal changes, lawn and plant health, traffic patterns and more are all considerations when planning properly designed irrigation systems. Call today and ask about our worry-free annual maintenance plan.

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Your cozy home is inviting to mice and rodents. They enter through small openings to nest in attics, walls and crawl spaces. These pests damage your walls, insulation, and even your electrical wiring. Worse, they carry and can expose your family to a whole host of health problems. Our rodent removing team at Coastal Lawn & Pest can help.

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Your trees and palms are beautiful and are a significant investment. Well care for trees can provide years of pleasure. An arborist by definition is an individual who is trained in the art and science of planting, caring for, and maintaining individual trees. Are you concerned about the health of your trees and palms?