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Living in Southwest Florida chances are you’ve had a run-in with pests and rodents. Our humid, subtropical climate provides bugs, spiders, mosquitoes, rodents, and all sorts of insects with the ideal conditions to live, breed, and thrive in. But at some point, all pests and critters will come looking for warmth, water, and food- all of which they can conveniently find in one place: your home or business.

Eliminating Pests With Effective Indoor Pest Control Techniques is What We Do Best!

When it comes to combating pests, the best defense is often a good offense. At Coastal Lawn & Pest we are always providing the best attack against the fight of pests. This means keeping the outside perimeter of your property treated to eliminate pests before they enter your home or business. With every Southwest Florida season pest activity changes. So, we change our offense to address each season to keep you protected from common household pests. The Coastal Lawn & Pest team has been providing pest control in Southwest Florida since 2008. We are a family owned and daily operated company that is insured and fully licensed to provide pest management services for both homeowners and businesses.

We Are Pest Control Experts of:

  • Roaches
  • Silverfish
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Spiders
  • Ticks
  • Ants
  • Rodents
  • Mosquitoes
  • No-See-Ums
Does Ridding Your Property of Pests
Seem Like a Losing Fight?

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After a FREE indoor pest control inspection, we’ll customize an environmentally friendly and affordable plan that effectively targets the pests in your home or business.

Because pests enter from the outside, we believe the best inside pest prevention is effective pest control around the outside of your property. And we work hard to stop pest from entering your property. This way we keep harmful indoor pest control solutions away from your flooring, pets, and children and only treat noticeable inside pest infestation areas.

Still, every year Southwest Florida homeowners find signs of pests in their homes. Some homeowners have reported seeing cockroaches out in the open on kitchen floors and counters. Others tell us pests like ants and spiders seem to show up day after day.

Our concern is pests and rodents are often careful to be discreet and stay out of sight. When you start seeing these signs or notice pests out in the open, there’s a high chance that countless others are living in your attic, walls, cabinets, under your home, or in your yard.


We have extensive indoor pest control expertise and offer multiple pest control plans and options to meet your needs and your budget. Our mission at Coastal Lawn & Pest is to be “Leaders in our industry by providing quality products and exceptional service at competitive prices throughout Southwest Florida.” For the fastest response to your pest control needs call Coastal Lawn & Pest today!